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Manzoni Bianco

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Číslo produktu: 033
Výrobca: SANDRE
bežná cena 9,50 Eur
naša cena:
8,39 Eur ( Dodávateľ nie je platcom DPH )

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Manzoni Bianco

akostné odrodové biele víno, suché

Odroda : Manzoni Bianco ( odroda pomenovaná po významnom talianskom profesorovi enológie Luigim Manzoni - kríženec Riesling Renano a Pinot Blanc )

Objem : 0,75 Lt.

Obsah alkoholu : 13,00 %

Servírovacia teplota : 14-16°C


Charakteristika :

Víno slamovo žltej farby so zelenkastými odleskami. Bohatá ovocná vôňa s tónmi exotického ovocia, ananásu, zrelých marhúľ, plástov medu, poľných kvetov ako aj kvetov broskyne. Plné v chuti, vynikajúca vyváženosť medzi kyselinkami a ostatnými zložkami. Víno výbornej kondície. Jedno z najlepšie hodnotených belych vín medzi našimi zákazníkmi.

Doporučenie k pokrmom :

Výborne sa hodí ku všetkým typom jedál, k polievkam, zeleninovým a rybím sufflé ako aj jedlám na báze rýb a hydiny. Podáva sa pri teplote 14-16 ° C.

Skladovanie :

Skladovať v suchom a tmavom priestore s konštantou teplotou v rozmedzí 12-16 ° C.


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Eleonora from Italy, May 14, 2013 at 7:33 PM Sono ritornata all'Agriturismo Mulino Bianco e l'esperienza e8 stata asneultamoste positiva. Lo staff e8 molto cordiale e gentile. Il ristorante e8 davvero ottimo, ottimi i primi tra cui i casoncelli di zucca. Da segnalare anche l'ottimo manzo all'olio proposto, anche se fuori dalla zona tipica di questo piatto. Un sincero apprezzamento anche al vino proposto in tavola e di produzione propria. Ottimo il Sassaia. L'ambiente e8 bello ed accogliente.

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Hi Trish,I find it very hard to understand this clrutue in so many ways and it feels weird (to me) that there are no laws for people caring for others whether it's a brother or even a friend or anyone.You know that I am from Germany (I don't want to be the person who keeps on saying "but in my country we do it this way..", but I always thought it was a given to help others and get support from authorities. I am living in a foreign country, so I have to learn that things are different, so forgive me nagging). Ok let me explain, when you decide to take care of someone, you get financial support by the government and extra free-time from your employer (in Germany). You can even take a year off and your employer will have to keep your position when you return. The price is that the society pays for that (up to 50% tax), but everyone gets 32 days vacation, plus weekends, plus holidays and more, sick pay, retirement, medical, unemployment money, etc... So it's a society that is built to help one another, it's not socialism but it's a social system (many people don't get the difference).But I understand that this kind of safety net can't be implemented here because the US has a very different history and background. Therefore, tax is low and there are only few laws regulating -which gives employers a lot of freedom. But because of this, I think it's the employers responsibility to help you as much as possible to make it easier for you. You are doing such an incredible job and you are making this society a better one because you truly care and you are there for others.So if you need any help signing a petition or making my voice heard, I am definitely in! Keep us posted on what we can do. Franziska San PedroThe Abstract Impressionist Artress..I love the support from California Work & Family Coalitions -how did they find you? Awesome!

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